LAS DECIMAS Michele Millner chante Violeta Parra

show from Théâtre Spirale at the theater de la Parfumerie, Genève, Switzerland
Michele Millner, Yves Cerf, Paco Chambi... one is not on the picture : Sylvain Fournier !

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and of course Violeta Parra


10 improvised pieces for birds songs and 3 musicians
Yves Cerf, Raùl Esmerode, Frédéric Folmer


a sextet with music that I wrote remenbering circus world, latin american flavors and jazz.

here am I


Alpine concierto in three parts - morning, midday and evening - for quintet

Yves Cerf : saxophones soprano, ténor et basse, kena, composition Ian Gordon-Lennox : trompette, euphonium, tuba, cor des alpes Raul Esmerode : percussions, batterie, marimba Horacio Fumero : contrebasse, charango Jérôme Lefevbre : guitares

myself on the first concert of this project. August 07, festival Alpentöne, Uri, Switzerland.