The Grupetto plays Stéphane Métraux

Le Népalais (Stéphane Métraux)
Bipitou (Stéphane Métraux)

The Grupetto Plays Stéphane Métraux

Zabirrr 041

Maël Godinat Yves Cerf Sylvain Fournier Stéphane Métraux

Fender Rhodes, Synthesizer, Alto Sax, Nose Flute Bass & Soprano Sax, Jew’s Harp
Drums, Percussions
Tenor & Soprano Sax, Jew’s Harp, Composition

Readings, ringtones, handclaps : Ariane Morin, Nicolas Lambert, Claude Berthelier, Michael Bandler, Michel Barras, Vlad, Yohan Jacquier, Ernie Odoom, François Da Felicidade, Daphné, and many anonymous.
Track 11: Jean Firmann & Ernie Odoom: Voices

Recorded Live November 16, 2013 at AMR « Sud des Alpes » Geneva. On November 14, 15 and 17 were recorded three more albums with the works of other group members. For these CDs please visit

Recording Engineer: Ernie Odoom

Mixing Engineer: Stéphane Métraux Cover design : Marine Métraux

Prints by Marine Metraux, made using Japanese traditional technique. An evocation of our great tour of Leman Lake in 2014 on a small sailboat.

Le Népalais 4 :23

Got It 5:48 

Hurdy-Gurdy 4:58 

Bipitou 5:33 

Le Son « F » 5:16 

Cité 89 6:55 

Chez Nous 5:30 

Ahmad’s Waltz 5:15 

Alf 5:25 

Tão Bonito 4:57 

Bonus track:
11. Tales Of The Night-Time Bike Ride To Meet The Turquoise Lover Waiting

With Supple Hips And Eyes Wide Towards The Distant Horizon 3:15 (text by Jean Firmann, Trad. Ernie Odoom)